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Boyo's Heart Healthy Trail Mix

Boyo's Heart Healthy Trail Mix

Heart Healthy Trail Mix

“With a healthy heart, the beat goes on!”

Ever wondered how our tiny heart, consists within itself mysteries of the world, and flys and cries with us on big and small things! It’s a wondrous, throbbing entity that works vigilantly, very hard for us to survive. We make it follow our brained instructions. 

It gives life and works in synchrony. It is so much more than a mechanic organ, often overwhelmed by deep human emotions. Much complex and infamous, it is a super sensitive entity dealing with multitude of stimuli. It absorbs and gets affected, it can be strengthened or weakened.  

As of 2018, 30.3 million adults were diagnosed with heart disease. Every year, about 647,000 die from heart disease, according to the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC). Heart disease is the number one cause of death for most racial and ethnic groups. Having even one risk factor increases your odds of getting heart disease and mingles with the mental balance of an individual. 

According to World Heart Federation, one third adults over the age of 25 suffer from cardiovascular diseases globally. 30 percent of annual death are caused due to heart failures. The morbidity and mortality due to heart diseases in the developing countries is increasing mainly due to environmental factors and unhealthy living habits. A great deal of attention is required to lead a healthy lifestyle and create an unpolluted environment to benefit the life and health of our heart.

In the globalized world, busy monotonous workloads have led to an increase in hypertension, which is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Also, the unhealthy diets, including fast foods, increases hypercholesterolemia and hypertension, ultimately damaging the heart.

Heart attacks have existed for times immemorial. It’s not something discovered recently, but has been wreaking a havoc since a long time. However deviating from it’s routine pattern of targeting the older population and those with pre- existing heart conditions, cardiovascular diseases have found a way to now affect the younger population too. This has raised alarms and concerns and made people question the science behind it. 

Although there is no definitive age to experience a heart attack, the kind of choices you make, your diet plans, and your lifestyle routines, can influence your probabilities. Choosing right intake is necessary, and when it comes to heart, no risks are to be taken!

Boyo's Heart Healthy Trail Mix is an all time efficient, healthy mix of natural ingredients with no added preservatives. It includes walnuts, roasted peanuts, roasted almonds, roasted hazelnuts, flax seeds, raisins, pitied black dates and the much loved, dried unsweetened blueberries. This nutty and sweet pack of nature’s goodness, is a rich source of Omega-3, magnesium, dietary fibers and energy, much required by our hearts. No other way than such a delicious one like this is possible, to keep your heart fit and fine. This health-filled snack not only replaces the junk food and becomes your favorite all time munching, but also boosts up your energy levels, to make you do everything possible. It along with heart, keeps the entire body in sync and promotes good health along with development of eyes and brain. 

Boyo, the brand, Bold as You, is a definite stop for all your worries. Start grabbing the goodies and elevate your moods, to enhance your experience, and make your health, the true wealth.

Your heart enjoys being treated with love and respect, but also weeps silently if poor choices are made by us humans, that affects it’s efficiency. If it is given the care it deserves, chances are that it will serve many years, maybe even a hundred and more! It will surely use every last ounce of it’s strength and wisdom to perform it’s tasks, to be of service to it’s keeper, until the last breath.!

 So, let your heart rule your head!

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