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Why Omega 3 Trail mix is important for all

Why Omega 3 Trail mix is important for all

“Make your health an investment, not an expense!”

Worried about self care? Start focusing and prioritizing about keeping your heart and body healthy. A healthy heart means a healthy life and stable mental balance.

Non communicable disease or “chronic disease” mortality is estimated to be the cause of death for 38 million people worldwide each year, disproportionately effecting those in low and middle-income countries and unhealthy diets are considered a main contributor. Omega-3 fatty acids have been associated with a decreased risk of chronic disease, in particular cardiovascular mortality and cognitive decline. Global dietary intakes of omega-3 has been examined and it has been estimated that less than 20% of the world population consumes ≥ 250 mg/day of seafood omega-3.

 But here’s the good news (finally!) The heart disease along with other risk and deteriorating conditions, is at least curable. Who does not wants peace of mind or an emotional equilibrium? But how to achieve it, is what concerns us the most!

Know More about Omega 3 fatty acids

You must have heard of Omega 3 fatty acids as a super nutrient group essential for good health. But to know how it works, let’s get to some definitive explanations. The food we eat has fat in it which is made up of fatty acids. Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid group that the body needs for several biochemical processes but cannot make on its own. Omega-3 is needed to regulate the body’s inflammatory response and blood clotting mechanisms. Healthy development and functioning of eyes, brain, heart, and the entire body, needs good amount of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Essential fatty acids are being studied like never before and the more we get to know about them, the more they’re being appreciated, for all the right reasons. They work as building blocks of our body’s cells and can easily boast of numerous health benefits. Omega-3 can be your BFFs due to their countless functions.

What Omega-3 do in your body

Omega-3 helps lower levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in blood, thus prevents coronary disease. It also supports neurological and visual development. Therefore, Omega-3 are a vital nutrient for optimal health. As an essential fatty acid, that can’t be made by the body on its own, is much needed for effective immunity, brain and eye functions, anti inflammatory response, and several other biochemical processes. 

Omega-3 have to be consumed from external sources. If the diet lacks sufficient Omega-3 sources, one then needs to take a good quality supplement for the same. 

BOYO Brings in an all time required and favorite health beneficial snack, Omega-3 Trail Mix, which consists of pecan, chocolate coated almonds, roasted cashew, walnuts, flax seed, dried unsweetened cranberries, raisins and pumpkin seeds. This nutty and sweet mix is a rich source of Omega-3, helping in keeping your heart healthy and developing brain health along with improving eye health as well. Being a rich source of magnesium, it also helps in regulating right levels of blood sugar, blood pressure, and nervous functions of your body. It being a natural product with no added preservatives is a much loved product of all and a must buy.

Omega-3 is mostly found in fishes, but what about the vegetarians? Of course not to get confused, since such an alternative as the trail Mix is a great choice to make. Moreover such flavorful of jar, filled with goodness of wealthy health is the most recommended one! After all, who could miss such a benefit where health comes at ease with the mouth watering flavors, loved by all!

Who does not want glowing, supple, healthy, wrinkle free skin? Omega-3 fatty acids regulates the oil production of the skin, hydrate the skin, manage acne and curb premature skin ageing. Their cell building properties maintain a healthy head of hair as well. Beauty beauty all the way! They also regulates mood swings and relapses, helping in fighting mental illness. Long term inflammation is the cause behind most modem diseases. So now you know why you need more of Omega-3 in your diet and how essential they are to keep us fit and healthy, in the midst of our busy schedules!

Prioritizing self care is very much required by everyone. Your body is precious, so do start caring about it…before it gets too late!

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