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Midnight Craving but with a healthy twist !!!

Midnight Craving but with a healthy twist !!!

Craving of midnight snacking? We all are! Can’t help it.

If we are not meant to have midnight snacks, then why is there a light in the fridge? 

Our stomach often gets bored, not hungry all the times. After all diversity is always needed. 

Midnight Craving Coffee Trail Mix

Getting up slowly, with gentle feet on the floor, sometimes crawling like newborns, just to reach the heart of the house, the kitchen, then slowly climbing to the top shelf and picking up your favorite pack of chips and some coke from the fridge! Yes, we all have done this in the middle of the echoing night, with a fear in our hearts to be caught while chewing! 

Isn’t it just so Hilarious and relatable, how midnight cravings and snacking are just so irresistible!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for our body to function in it’s appropriate sense. But even after eating healthy throughout the day, those sudden midnight hunger pangs can possibly break the deal. Midnight cravings are not really healthy as they tend to promote obesity and an unbalanced weight gain. Savouring on those delicious cookies and chips late at night could possibly give you a sugar rush and can cause an interrupted metabolism. 

We humans are a greedy race- especially when it comes to food. Why else do you think we reach out for snacks throughout the day despite having three full- fledged meals? Perhaps, it could be the lack of satisfaction or simply the craving for more. However, understanding the reasons behind such behaviour of ours, could help us solve it to an extent.

Midnight Craving and snacking are usually generate high calories.

Poor nutrient intake : having big meals will not be of any help of they lack the required nutrients. Your body will anyhow end up feeling hungry. Consuming large amounts of carbohydrates and sugar is not at all healthy as it will lead to lack of fibers, protein and healthy fats. Essential fibers keeps you full for a longer period of time.

Hormonal changes: Various Hormonal fluctuations can cause midnight cravings as well. Sometimes the body craves for sugar and junk.

Psychological reasons such as stress, anxiety and depresses can impact this too. Several studies have proven how stress can elevate the level of cortisol in our body, leading to craving for food in order to satiate the body’s need to lower stress, by eating. Some people usually have lower hunger levels in the morning and seek for more food in the evening. Insomnia is also a consequence of the same, since the format of the body that is followed is different.

Irregular meal patterns are also a cause for midnight cravings sue to which blood sugar levels aren’t maintained throughout the day properly.

We live in a chaotic world and are filled with responsibilities or laziness at times, to the brim. So much so, we might just be consuming the wrong kinds of foods that may satiate the hunger that moment, but may leads to cravings later. A study conducted at Brigham University, US, found that we crave for snacks at night because after eating in a haste during a hectic day, the food at night might seem more rewarding- at least visually. Additionally, we might want to extend the joyous period of eating comfortably after the day’s over and this, end up munching at night.

However, we will still feel like eating in midnight! So why not be more wise while making a choice of what to consume when we crave. Its high time that we ditch the junk and choose a healthy snacking option- thanks to those extra inches around your waist and thighs!

BOYO has in store for us the Midnight Craving Coffee Trail Mix, a must have for all, to stop look up for things in order to make your tummies full. This crunchy and nutty mix, have coffee flavoured cashews, coffee flavoured almonds, roasted peanuts, pecans, raisins, dried unsweetened goji berries, roasted salted flax seeds and pumpkin seeds. The coffee flavour is a good nervous system stimulant, which not only keeps your mind in balance but also enhances your mood and soothes you from within. It is a good source of protein and dietary fibers, which makes it easy to digest and helps in production of good oxidants. It is an energy booster trail mix which is appropriate to consume anytime one feels hungry, or just bored.

This, an all natural ingredients mix, with no added preservatives is a much loved of all mixes due to the health boosting qualities it provides, and the alternative it becomes for the unhealthy junk. 

So start enjoying your midnight cravings and be guilt-free. After all, not all are overthinking at 2.00 a.m., some are looking for food in the shelves and fridges!

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