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The BOYO High Protein Sprouting Seed Mix

The BOYO High Protein Sprouting Seed Mix

Proteins are some of the most essential nutrients in the body. The word “protein” is derived from the Greek word proteos which means primary. If that isn’t enough to explain their importance to your body, perhaps this article can convince you. Proteins are essential to the body’s functioning – they mainly work in the body’s cells and perform other functions. In fact, they are so crucial to the body’s functioning that even our DNA and RNA are composed of proteins. They are central to cell creation, cell maintenance and the basic functioning of our body. 

For instance, proteins are essential to the growth and maintenance of the body – they are one of the foundation stones of the body’s bones, muscles, cartilage and even skin. In fact, hair and nails are nearly comprised of only protein. Protein is broken down in the body to both build and repair tissues. They also help in setting off various biochemical reactions in the body. This they do in the form of enzymes – they react with molecules inside and outside cells to catalyze reactions central to metabolism in the body. They can also work outside of the cells to carry out other processes, such as digesting sugar. Enzymes are critical to the body’s functions – they help digestion, clotting blood, producing energy and contracting muscles. 

As stated before, proteins are essentially the building blocks of muscles. They comprise amino acids that help create the muscular tissue and work towards its repair. Most of these amino acids are easily reproduced in the body. Still, nine such acids are known as Essential Amino Acids because they cannot be produced in the body – these are broken down from protein ingested by the body. Naturally, eating a diet rich in various amino acids is very important to muscle building and maintenance. Especially after working out, protein helps in muscle recovery because it repairs and takes care of any tears that the muscle tissue may have undergone. 

Thus, protein is an essential component of muscle development, maintaining bone density and building lean tissue, all important to people who engage in good workouts. They provide structure to cells and tissues with their stiffness and rigidity and make up the connective structure in the body. Thus, proteins are essential for muscle building and maintenance and ensure that the damage that athletic activity can cause is repaired as robustly as possible. However, this is where the problem arises – it can be challenging for vegetarians and vegans to access the right amount of protein from the food they consume. Most information regarding the consumption of protein for muscle gain is in the realm of the nin-vegetarians. 

Foods like Seitan, Tofu, Lentils, Chickpeas and Spelt are excellent sources of protein that are friendly to those who don’t consume meat. But finding the right amounts and combinations of these foods to ingest can also be a problem. However, this is what makes The BOYO High Protein Sprouting Seed Mix the perfect solution for you. This 8-ingredient seed mixture is high in antioxidants and enriched with proteins. It is your means to supply your body with essential amino acids, boost muscle gain, and fortify bone density. The mix is 100% vegan and Gluten-free and includes seeds rich in high-quality protein, Calcium and Iron, which are great for stomach health and reducing cholesterol.

The mix consists of eight essential ingredients: Mung, Soyabean, Fenugreek, Finger Millet, Clover, Almonds, Radish, and Mustard. Mung and Fenugreek, high in protein and fibre, promote better digestion, lower blood pressure, and regulate cholesterol. The fibre is essential to promoting better digestion by adding bulk to stool and by suppressing appetite. They are also rich in high-quality plant protein – which, of course, is essential to building and maintaining muscle mass.

Soyabean, Finger Millet, and Radish, rich in amino acids, magnesium and zinc, help lower cardiovascular diseases, fortify bone density, easing inflammation, and speeding up the healing process. Soybean is the main ingredient of Tofu, a protein-rich food considered essential for vegans. The bean is believed to provide whole proteins - they provide you with all the essential acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscles. These four seeds are also rich in calcium which helps bones becomes stronger.

Lastly, Clover, Almond and Mustard are rich in calcium and vitamins A, B, C and E. These nutrients make them great for weight loss, cultivating healthy hair and skin and reducing headaches. The sprout mix is a unique blend of all these essential nutrients. It is gluten-free, accessible, and great at providing a healthy protein intake and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Besides, it also excellent in regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels, lowering blood pressure, and easing headaches. The BOYO High Protein Sprouting Seed Mix is your answer to becoming the muscled person of your dreams!

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