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From Amarโ€ฆTo Papa Boyoโ€ฆ.

Heavily shaken by the Covid 19 pandemic, when life as we knew turned upside down, one man turned into an entrepreneur. Eating was no longer an act of sensory pleasure but a fight for survival. Simply put, binge eating junk food was increasingly becoming a coping mechanism for so many people working from home, attending online classes; basically everyone with increased work load.ย  Potato chips and instant noodles can offer temporary dopamine kicks that will soon be replaced by guilt and depression.ย  Which is where, BoYo with its assortment of exotic dry fruits and healthy snacks brings in the change.
For Amar, the founder of Chakhnashot this presented an opportunity that could very well be a step to a healthy lifestyle for millions of Indians. After mulling it over with his loved ones , Amar was confident that this new venture will open up new pathways of success.
BoYo for him, is a euphemism to be who you are ever without settling for anything less. For the modern Indian that is bold and young, there's no better snack than BoYo that unabashedly shares the same passion. Amar the papa of BoYo wants you to be the very best version of yourself.

Meet our founders

Amar Choudhary

Papa Boyo