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Interesting Facts you should know about Brazil nut Premium Jumbo

Interesting Facts you should know about Brazil nut Premium Jumbo

How Brazil Nuts are so useful?

Everyone must have seen the beautiful Brazil nuts, full of natural goodness and a rich flavor. The exotic nuts are unique in every sense, and are much required by our bodies as well as our moods. Brazil nuts have an interesting tale to tell…

Origins and roots…

The Brazil nut comes from the Bertholletia excelsa tree,  which can be found in the entire Amazon rainforest, stretching across northwest Brazil and into Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador. The growth of these trees is in lowland rainforests, where flooding isn’t prevalent, and they can survive for more than 500 years!

Brazil nuts are actually seeds, since they come in large and tough pods, about the size of a baseball in groups of 10-24.  In Brazil these seeds are called, “castanhas-do-ParÁ”, named after a state where these trees grow in abundance. Most of the production of Brazil nuts comes from harvesting the pods in the wild.

It’s a dangerous profession, since each pod weighs up to 2.5 kgs and drops without warning, the height of these trees being that of an 18 story high rise building! (We hope the harvesters wear good quality helmets!)

More facts and features of Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts have been eaten by the natives since around 11,000 years. But the first mention of the Brazil nuts dates back to 1569, when Spanish and Portuguese explorers were busy invading and colonizing. However, it was Dutch traders who introduced the seeds/nuts to Europe in the early 1600s. These nuts first arrived in America in 1800s, and like Europe, took some time to gain the popularity it owns today, due to which they are everywhere seen in grocery shelf’s today!

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Mood lifter
  • Thyroid control
  • Skincare
  • Heart health boost
  • Anticancer
  • Promotes growth and repair


The increase in overall demand…

The exotic Brazil nuts, have always been high in demand. Am important factor is the lifestyle of the informed and aware consumer, who now demands food that is healthy. Owing to the various health benefits that Brazil nuts provides, the demand have steeply risen on the past few years. Today, more than half of the Brazil nuts, imported to US, are from Bolivia.

The Healthy Nut….

Brazil nuts are super nutritious, full of energy, and one of the most concentrated source of the mineral selenium. Eating these nuts may help the overall health of an individual in many proven ways!

Brazil nuts are full of proteins, carbs, healthy fats, fiber, selenium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, thiamine and vitamin E. They are rich in selenium with one nut containing 96 mcg, or 175% of the RDI.

Selenium is vital for the proper function of the body, essential for your thyroid and influences the immune system along with cell growth.  It even prevents cancers, infections, infertility, heart disease and mood disorders.

The thyroid gland secretes several hormones essential for body function. Low selenium levels may lead to inactivity of the thyroid gland, cellular damage and autoimmune disorders, and even thyroid cancers! This tells us how important this element selenium is!

Brazil nuts are also rich in antioxidants, that keep the cells healthy. They help reduce inflammation, and protect the body from oxidative stress. A three month study showed how people suffering from kidney disorders, when given Brazil nuts daily, had improved selenium levels and much improved conditions!

The Brazil nuts also contains heart healthy fatty acids such as polyunsaturated fats , and are rich in fiber and minerals, all of which reduce the risk of numerous cardiovascular diseases. The promising heart health benefits o Brazil nuts, are also due to their ability to reduce bad cholesterol levels and increase the good ones.

These nuts are also found to help brains in the long run. One study found out, how age old people, suffering from mental ailments, when given Brazil nuts daily, had not only showed improved verbal fluency, but also better mental health!

With the Brazil nuts, effectively poor mood is also mediated, and thus owing to the many Health boons it provides, adequate intake is quite necessary! Isn’t it? BoYo’s Premium Jumbo Brazil Nuts are one in all solution. These gluten free, healthy snack is a pure ecstasy to enjoy upon. The immunity boosting powerhouse, will not only enhance the overall health, but may also help to fight diseases like insomnia. The nuts will help you fight with infections and increase the metabolism, required for a daily life. Have them in your dishes or too them in your salads or soups! These Amazon’s native, have a buttery, smooth texture, and a nutty flavor that serves as a perfect way to snack without guilt! These are truly are a must grab!

So if you are curious and excited, as you ought to be, about these tree nuts, then grab the and start including them in your dietary habits, in order to live your life to the fullest, by not compromising on your wellness and healthy being!

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