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The Health Benefits of Moong Dal That Will Make You Want to Add It to Your Diet

The Health Benefits of Moong Dal That Will Make You Want to Add It to Your Diet

Are you guilty of eating so much junk food? Yes, we are all. The increased popularity of fast food is due to a variety of factors. Obesity, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer are just a few health problems linked to eating fast food. Furthermore, consuming junk food may make you gain weight, making it challenging to manage a number of medical conditions. 

Everybody has to be made aware of the detrimental impacts and forced to switch to a healthier diet, and more nutrient-dense meals, like lentils. Now it may sound boring, but it's not so!!

Health Benefits Of Moong

1] provides maternity nutrition

While pregnancy, a balanced diet is essential for the mother's well-being as well as the growth of the fetus. Due to its great nutritional value, moong dal should be a part of a pregnant woman's diet. It contains protein made from plants, which the growing fetus needs for tissue development and repair. Two other advantages of Lentil's availability of essential minerals like iron are the increase in blood flow during pregnancy and the avoidance of anemia. Due to the high fiber content, it promotes healthy digestion and reduces loose stool, which is a common annoyance at this time. Moong dal also aids in blood sugar regulation, which is helpful for treating diabetes during pregnancy.

2] Blood Pressure Regulation

A natural strategy to control blood pressure and support heart health is by eating moong dal. It is a fantastic source of potassium, which is known to reduce blood pressure and lower the risk of hypertension and related cardiovascular problems. The reduced sodium content of moong dal also aids in blood pressure control.

3] Supports Nervous System

The nervous system benefits greatly from the assistance that moong dal offers, which improves general cognitive wellness. It contains vital B-vitamins, which are critical for preserving the neurological system's healthy operation. Individuals can guarantee a proper intake of these B-vitamins by having Lentil in their diets, which in turn supports a strong and healthy neurological system. Moong dal, when consumed as part of a healthy diet, can improve general cognitive health.

4] Anti Inflammatory Properties

Moong dal is a beneficial addition to an anti-inflammatory diet since it has noticeable anti-inflammatory qualities. The dal includes a number of bioactive substances that work to decrease the body's production of inflammatory molecules, lowering inflammation and the symptoms it causes. Numerous health problems, including arthritis, heart disease, and some types of cancer, have been related to chronic inflammation. People may gain from the anti-inflammatory effects of Lentil by including it in their diets, thus promoting general health and wellbeing.

5] Anemia Prevention

Because it is a rich source of iron, a critical mineral required for the creation of hemoglobin, which transports oxygen throughout the body, moong dal can be quite helpful in preventing anemia. Iron levels can be raised by eating moong dal, preventing iron deficiency. Women of childbearing age, pregnant women, and people with poor eating habits are particularly prone to this illness. People can increase their iron intake and promote the development of healthy red blood cells by routinely eating Lentil.

Moong Dal Now, Like Never Before

But how to consume this extraordinary ingredient, apart from the boring ordinary culinary methods? As lentil chips !!

Well, a new great option is here. BoYo’s Lentil Strips, in the favorite Peri Peri flavor, is a perfect choice to go with, whenever one feels cravings for those oily fried junk and chips. Not only the rich moongs are included, but some natural spices with no added chemicals or preservatives are found too. All vegan friendly, gluten free and filled with natural goodness, these lentil chips are just not to be missed. Now you may ask, are lentil chips healthy? Well of course it is!

The super crunchy and too yummy, hard to resist lentil chips are here, all set to be on your favorite snack list of all time. It’s time to replace the unhealthy with the most yummy yet healthier one, to finally get lentil chips nutrition.

Try Moong With A Twist

Here's a quick lentil chips recipe that'll make you go wow! How to make lentil chips more interesting? Take a handful of Boyo's Crunchy Lentil Strips (Peri Peri), and crush them roughly. Add some mayonnaise, ketchup, a pinch of pepper and salt. Give it a hearty mix, and top it on your buttery bread pieces. These crunchy lentil chips sandwiches are not what you've had before. So eat and munch up this lentil chips recipe guilt free!!


1] How much protein is in moong dal?

A good source of plant-based protein is, in fact, moong dal.

2] Is moong dal safe for people with diabetes?

Yes, when consumed in moderation, moong dal has a low glycemic index and is a good choice for people with diabetes.

3] Is moong dal carbohydrate-rich?

Moong dal is regarded as a healthy source of complex carbs despite the fact that it includes carbohydrates.

4] Is moong dal a suitable alternative to other lentils?

In many dishes, moong dal can be used in place of other lentils.

5] Are lentil chips healthy?

Definitely, lentil chips are the most healthy snacking alternative that you should try. 


Hence, ingredients like lentils shouldn't be avoided and must be a part of everyday diet, so that you stay away from those street fast foods, and can benefit the most from the healthier and nutritional stuff, now provided in the most amazing and scrumptiously irresistible ways. So get going with that health filled journey of yours!

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