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Amazing nutrition facts about Roasted and Salted Hazelnuts one must know

Amazing nutrition facts about Roasted and Salted Hazelnuts one must know

You must have munched up on those crunchy chocolates that consist within themselves the delicious and nutty hazelnuts. They are much loved and adored by all. Why not, after all? The sweetness and exotic flavors elevate one up!


Hazelnuts are a tasty and healthy nut that has been connected to a range of health advantages, including heart health and weight loss. In this article, we'll look at the advantages of hazelnuts for controlling your weight as well as how to include them in a balanced diet.

Nutrients in Hazelnuts

  • The immensely sweet flavored hazelnuts, also known as Filbert, are rich in nutrients and have a high content of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.
  • They contain fiber, carbs, vitamin E, thiamine, magnesium, copper, and manganese.
  • They also contain a decent amount of vitamin B6, folate, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.
  • They are good sources of omega-6 and Omega 9 fatty acids as well.

  • Zinc helps in the development of sexual organs in the body, whereas magnesium is present, and regulates calcium I’m the body, which undoubtedly is of utmost importance for the body’s bone strength.
  • Hazelnuts are extremely loaded with antioxidants that protect the body from oxidative stress, capable of damaging cell structure and promoting aging, cancer, and heart diseases.
  • The mostly found antioxidants in hazelnuts are known as phenolic compounds, which are proven to help decrease blood cholesterol and inflammation.
  • They could also be beneficial for heart health and protect against cancer.

The Health Advantages of Hazelnuts

Healthy fats, fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals can all be found in hazelnuts. Additionally, they contain plenty of antioxidants, which can help shield your cells from harm.

A filling snack like Hazelnuts may make you feel full and content. They are also a fantastic source of fiber and protein, both of which can prolong your feeling of fullness. 

Hazelnuts have also been demonstrated to increase metabolism and encourage fat burning.

Hazelnuts can aid in weight reduction in the following ways:

  • Hazelnuts are a fantastic source of protein and fiber, which can help you feel satisfied for a longer period, making them a pleasant snack.
  • You may lose weight by doing this by consuming fewer calories throughout the day.
  • They increase metabolism: Oleic acid, a type of healthy fat found in hazelnuts, has been demonstrated to increase metabolism. This indicates that even at rest, you burn more calories
  • They encourage fat burning: Another substance found in hazelnuts, arginine, has been proven to encourage fat burning. 
  • People who are aiming to shed weight around their stomach will especially benefit from this.

Benefits of Hazelnuts on our heart health

Hazelnuts are a heart-healthy snack that is full of minerals that protect the heart. A good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps cut harmful cholesterol levels and lessen the risk of heart disease, they are also a rich source of protein.

Hazelnuts can benefit heart health in several ways, including the following:

  • Hazelnuts include a good lipid called oleic acid, which has been demonstrated to reduce levels of harmful cholesterol. 
  • It is crucial since having high amounts of bad cholesterol raises your chance of developing heart disease.
  • Hazelnuts also include polyunsaturated fat, a form of beneficial fat that has been demonstrated to increase levels of good cholesterol. 
  • Additionally, this is important since having high amounts of healthy cholesterol can help prevent heart disease.
  • Hazelnuts provide anti-inflammatory antioxidants that can help decrease inflammation. A significant risk factor for heart disease is inflammation.

How BOYO’s roasted and salted Hazelnuts can help you in all this?

BOYO’s roasted and salted Hazelnuts are an excellent choice to make for the ones who want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

These excellent and delicious sources of nutrients when tossed with the Himalayan pink salt, become a mouth-savoring as well as an extremely healthy snack to fill your tummies! 

BoYo's Roasted and Salted Hazelnuts

  • The Himalayan pink salt contains extra minerals and elements that regular table salt does not, and are therefore required very much by the body to stay fit and fine.
  • These roasted and salted Hazelnuts, are good to go in your daily snacking, or your midnight hunger pangs when you get busy looking for that junk to eat!
  • Start avoiding and replacing the much-loved fried junk with these nonoily hazelnuts which are roasted with a special technique, without using any oil.
  • Thus making them gluten-free, with zero trans fat and extremely yummy flavor to elevate your moods up after a monotonous day!
  • Hazelnuts, act as a great complement, not just to your dishes and snacks, but also to your well-being!

How to Include BoYo Hazelnuts in a Weight Loss Programme

Hazelnuts are a versatile food that may be used in many different dishes. They may be used in baking, as a trail mix ingredient, or as a snack. Additionally, you may create hazelnut milk or butter.

Here are some ideas for including hazelnuts in a diet to help you lose weight:

  • Hazelnuts contain a lot of calories, therefore it's vital to consume them in moderation. 
  • A decent guideline is to consume 1-2 ounces of hazelnuts daily.
  • Hazelnuts are a terrific supplement to a balanced diet, so enjoy them as part of it. 
  • They are not a miracle cure for weight reduction, though. 
  • To reduce weight, you still need to follow a balanced diet and engage in regular exercise.
  • There are several ways to enjoy hazelnuts, so get inventive. 
  • They can be used in baking, as a snack, or as an ingredient in trail mix. Additionally, you may create hazelnut milk or butter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1] Do hazelnuts have a lot of calories?

Hazelnuts do have a lot of calories. They can make you feel satisfied for a longer period and are a fantastic source of nutrients. It's crucial to consume hazelnuts in moderation if you're attempting to reduce weight.

2] If I have a nut allergy, may I eat hazelnuts?

You shouldn't eat hazelnuts if you have a nut allergy. People who are sensitive to nuts may experience an allergic response when they consume hazelnuts, a kind of nut.

3] Should I eat how many hazelnuts per day?

Your daily recommended intake of hazelnuts for weight loss will vary depending on how many calories you require. A decent guideline is to consume 1-2 ounces of hazelnuts daily

4] Can you include hazelnuts on a low-carb diet?

Hazelnuts may be included in a low-carb diet, yes. Healthy fats and fiber found in hazelnuts can help you feel satisfied for a longer period. They are also an excellent source of protein, which is crucial for those on low-carb diets.

5] Are hazelnuts better for weight loss roasted or raw?

Regarding which is healthier for controlling weight, roasted or raw hazelnuts are not universally agreed upon. However, some research suggests that roasting hazelnuts may increase their thermic impact or the number of calories that are burned during digestion.

6] Even if I don't exercise, can hazelnuts still aid in weight loss?

Yes, even if you don't exercise, hazelnuts can aid with weight reduction. Hazelnuts have a lot of calories, so it's crucial to keep that in mind while consuming them. Exercise is also a crucial component of any weight loss regimen.

7] From where can one purchase BoYo Roasted and Salted Hazelnuts?

Customers can buy BoYo Roasted and Salted Hazelnuts from AmazonFlipkart or from the official BoYo Store.


Hazelnuts are a tasty and wholesome nut that may be included in a balanced diet. They have been connected to several health advantages, including heart health and weight loss. 

Hazelnuts are a terrific choice if you're seeking a nutritious snack that will keep you satisfied for longer. You may benefit from eating hazelnuts as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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